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ElectrastimStim EM140 Sensavox Electro Stim kit + free loops

ElectrastimStim EM140 Sensavox Electro Stim kit + free loops

ElectraStim SensaVox Ref: Em140
Erotic Electro Stimulator is a high power, high specification, multi-program digital stimulator
included free pair of conductive rubber loops
ElectraStim SensaVox is our most advanced stimulator and it’s jam-packed with tantalising features. If you want a high-performing estim power box that offers more ways to play then you’ll love this mains-powered, dual-channel electro sex machine.

Create your own stimulation patterns by playing music or using voice commands to control the rhythm, intensity and duration of stimulation for a sexual experience that’s truly customisable. The louder the sounds, the stronger stimulation feels. Independently controlled dual channels allow you to select different intensities to complement any electrode. Use up to 4 uni-polar or 2 bi-polar electro sex toys at once and lose yourself to the thrilling sensations only electro play can provide.

99 intensity levels make EM140 our most sensitive stimulator, giving you maximum control over the sensations you feel. As well as the audio-controlled options there are 9 pre-programmed, modifyable patterns to explore.
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Base Price 269.10

See Into-Latex rubber clothing colour swatch      

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