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Vividress Latex Rubber Dressing Aid 250ml

Vividress Latex Rubber Dressing Aid  250ml

{}latex rubber dressing aid Vividress 250ml
Vividress lubricant is all you need for easy dressing into your gear.
It's the perfect way of sliding into your rubber, without getting talc all over the floor.
Vividress is solvent and scent-free.
It's so easy to use! Just apply Vividress to your skin and/or the inside of your rubber, slide it on, and enjoy the sensual feeling of your tight rubber gliding across your lubricated flesh!
Comes in a 250ml bottle, with a flip lid for ease of use.
{}Problemloses Anziehen von Latex- und Gummikleidung
Pflegende Eigenschaften für Latex und Gummi
Lösungsmittelfrei und Geruchsneutral
Steigert die Brillianz bei transparentem Latex
Öl- und fettfrei
Lieferung in der schönen und praktischen 250 ml Flasche
{} 250ml
{}This Item is in Stock

Base Price 17.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

See Into-Latex rubber clothing colour swatch      

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