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Rubber Singlet Sprite Latex Trägershirt

Mens Latex Sprite Rubber Singlet Vest (Latex Trgershirt mit farbiger Einfassung

Mens Latex Sprite Rubber Singlet Vest (Latex Trägershirt mit farbiger Einfassung

{}Mens Latex Rubber Sprite Tank Shirt
Contrast piping to arms and neck. Optional Zip, Latex Grade 0.012-.016", 0.33-0.4mm{}Ärmelloses Latex Sprite Tank-Shirt
Trägershirt mit farbig abgesetztem Hals- und Armausschnitt. Optional Reißverschluss, Latex Grade 0.012-.016", 0.33-0.4mm{}Sprite chemise. ce débardeur de Into-Latex cultive un look très sportif, masculin avec des formes qui mettent d'avantage l'anatomie masculine en valeur.
Option fermeture éclair, Latex Grade 0.012-.016", 0.33-.04mm{} Into-Latex are unique in offering Sizes in 1 inch (2.5cm) increments, so you get an item that fits you ! not an off the peg size.
Select your actual measurement for tight fit, for an extra tight fit take off -1" (-2.5cm), for slightly looser fit add +2" (+5cm)
{}This Item is usually dispatched in 5-10 working days.
Orders for multiple items may take longer.
Discrete plain packaging is standard.
Orders are sent by Royal Mail signed/tracked delivery.
See Into-Latex rubber clothing colour swatch

Base Price 39.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

See Into-Latex rubber clothing colour swatch      

  Colour Farbe
  Trim Colour Farbe
  Chest Size Inches Brustumfang
  Zip Type Colour RV Typ und Farbe

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